Safer, Healthier Environments At Home & Work

Our professional-grade disinfectant is now available in a convenient wipe kit. Destroy bacteria, viruses, and chemical toxins, and remove stubborn stains and odors with an effortless swipe.

Our nontoxic formulation has an unmatched level of effectiveness. It kills 99.99999% of bacteria and viruses, and removes chemical pathogens such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and irritants that aggravate asthma, allergies, and chemical sensitivities. Stains and odors, are broken down into nontoxic, biodegradable components and will not return. These wipes even remove harmful chemical residues left by other cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants.

A fungistatic barrier prevents the recolonization of spores, bacteria, and viruses for at least 21 days. Where bleach-based disinfectants can be highly corrosive, release toxic gases, fade colors, and cause long-term damage to the environment, and alcohol-based products can be flammable, our products are noncorrosive, nontoxic, environmentally friendly, and safe to use on any surface, including screens and personal electronic devices.

Nontoxic, Biodegradable & Safe For All Surfaces
  • Destroys 99.99999% Of Bacteria & Viruses—That’s The Highest Kill Rate In The Industry
  • Eliminates Chemicals Toxins, Stains & Odors
  • Remove Formaldehyde, VOCs, And Irritants That Aggravate Asthma, Allergies & Chemical Sensitivities
  • Prevents Colonization Or Regrowth of Bacteria, Viruses & Spores For Over 21 Days
  • Safe On All Industrial Surfaces, Including Screens & Personal Electronic Devices