About NeoSan Labs

A prestigious and well-funded team of scientists, chemists, and engineers was assembled with a very specific mission—to develop a nontoxic response to hazardous chemical and biological contamination. It needed to be safe for humans, animals, and plants. It needed to be wide spectrum in application. It needed to be effective to the level of 7-log kill (99.99999%) on biological hazards. They worked the problem for years. And when they were done, they had developed the most comprehensive and effective, nontoxic decontaminant ever created.

Used globally for many years within the government sector, its ease-of-use, effectiveness, and nontoxicity has earned it a reputation as the “Rolls-Royce” of decontamination.

For the first time, these active ingredients have been formulated and manufactured for commercial applications. 01 Disinfectant, ideal for sanitizing hospitals and areas with biological concerns. 02 Air Detox counters airborne chemical toxins and VOC’s. 03 Carpet destroys stains and odors at the molecular level, without using brightening agents or fragrances, and leaving no chemical residues behind. 04 Restoration addresses more severe cleanup challenges, such as mold, meth lab, and crime scene cleanups.

Neosan Labs products exceed cleaning, disinfection, and decontamination standards, leaving treated areas and surfaces not only cleaner, but less toxic than when they were brand new.

We innovate—you excel.

Using our innovative products, and special programs, independent cleaning and restoration contractors become part of the global NeoSan Labs community,  giving them the edge they need in an increasingly competitive and demanding market.