NEOSAN LABS 01—Disinfectant

NEOSAN LABS 01—Disinfectant



Antibacterial, Virucide, Fungicide,
Yeasticide, Mildewstat, Algaecide

2 X 1 GALLON OF 01-A
2 X 1 GALLON OF 01-B


EPA Registration # 93672


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is specifically designed as a general cleaner and disinfectant for homes, hospitals, and commercial facilities. It is formulated to sanitize all industry surfaces, and deodorizes areas prone to odors caused by microorganisms without the use of fragrances or encapsulating agents. Without using Formalin, Chlorine, Carbolic Acid or heavy metals, NeoSan Labs 01 is proven to be non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic, safe for humans, animals and plants. Its low corrosive qualities make it vastly versatile in application.

This product comes in two parts that are combined in equal amounts before application. The active ingredients in Part A compromises the outer layers of biological and chemical toxins, allowing the active ingredients in Part B to break them down into harmless components. The cleaning solution remains active for 8 hours, then resolves into 100% biodegradable components, leaving no toxins or hazardous waste behind. NeoSan Labs produces the safest, most powerful, broad-spectrum disinfectant ever created. So quick and easy to apply, it is widely considered the most cost-effective formulation on the market.

Meets requirements for hospital use.

  • Quick Operating Procedure With Fast Onset Of Action
  • Detergent & Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant
  • Use As A Liquid, Spray, Aerosol, Or Foam
  • Kills 99,99999% Of Biological Agents
  • Neutralizes Chemical Agents Eradicates Bacteria
  • Reduces Staff Infection And Cross Contamination Risk
  • Neutralizes Odors At The Molecular Level
  • Lasting Antimicrobial Barrier
  • Safe On All Industry Materials
  • 10 Year Shelf Life



BACTERICIDAL ACTIVITY Effective against even antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including: Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Salmonella enterica, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Proteus mirabilis, Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis, Enterobacter aerogenes, Escherichia coli (0157:H7), ESBL, and Listeria monocytogenes.

VIRUCIDAL ACTIVITY Effective against Influenza Type A (including H1N1), Influenza Type B, and Norovirus (feline calicivirus surrogate).

FUNGICIDAL & FUNGISTATIC ACTIVITY Controls mold and mildew on porous and hard non-porous surfaces. Reapply as necessary.

DEODORIZER & AIR FRESHENER Effective against odors originating from pets, putrefaction, spoilage, chemicals, smoking, fire damage, bacteria, and mold.



HEALTHCARE Hospital beds, wheelchairs, walking aids, lounge areas, ambulances, operating rooms, treatment rooms, storage, laundry rooms

TRANSPORTATION Trains, taxis, rental cars, buses, aircraft cabins, waiting areas, food courts, restrooms

FITNESS STUDIOS & SPAS Treatment beds, tubs, showers, saunas, pools, hot tubs, exercise equipment, changing rooms, yoga mats, weights, balls, straps, tanning booths, massage tables, doors, lockers

CASINOS & CONFERENCE FACILITIES Furniture, slot machines, game tables, walls, floors, food carts, food courts, bathrooms, doors, lounge areas

OTHER  Public spaces, educational facilities, workspaces, veterinary & pet care, animal shelters, lodging and hospitality, correctional facilities, mortuaries, and more







Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in

EPA Registration # 93672.

Application Methods

NeoSan Labs Disinfectant can be applied with any kind of sprayer and micro mist cold fogger or any other ULV equipment.

Direction for Use

Combine 01-A & 01-B in equal parts in the fogging or spraying device.
Mix well. For best results, let cleaning solution rest for 10 minutes before use. For textiles, test a small area prior to application.

Apply the cleaning solution at a dosage of .02 oz per square foot (6.8 ml per square meter). The cleaning solution remains active for 8 hours. Frequency of application depends on the recontamination rate of the environment.

PRE-CLEANING Remove heavy soiling before
spraying or fogging the cleaning solution onto the
surface. Let penetrate for 2 minutes. Wipe clean.

DISINFECTION Apply the cleaning solution to the
surface, and let penetrate for 10 minutes. Air dry.